Music Space Architecture is an international, multilayered project dedicated to identifying and investigating different areas of interaction between music and architecture, sound and space. Our principal aim is to nurture a balance between research practices, and, more broadly, events in the fields of contemporary art. Music Space Architecture curates and commissions projects and events, a conference, and an online platform that publishes text and other materials intended to deepen the study of each of the edition’s focal subjects.

Music Space Architecture explores the fundamental domains of time and space in musical and architectural discourses, architectural acoustics, the dependence on (or avoidance of) numeric systems, and the sensory experiences of the listener when entering into an immediate dialogue with space and sound. Ultimately, Music Space Architecture presents, and attempts to synthesise, the inaudibilities of architecture with the invisibilities of music.

The project was founded in 2018 by the music curator Sasha Elina and architectural photographer Yuri Palmin.

  • Sasha Elina
    Founder, Artistic Director
  • Yuri Palmin
  • Vasya Kondrashov
    Graphic Design

The Music Space Architecture team is grateful to the following patrons, whose generous support has made the project possible, and allows it to continue developing into future editions: Elena Bernaskoni, Alexander Brodsky, Artem Slizunov.